Street color grading

Street color grading is a post-processing technique used in photography and videography to enhance the colors and create a particular mood or atmosphere in the final output. This technique is particularly popular among street photographers who want to add an edgy, urban feel to their images.

Color grading involves adjusting the hue, saturation, and brightness of the colors in an image or video. For street photography, a common technique is to desaturate the colors and increase the contrast to create a gritty and raw look. This approach can give the images a more dramatic feel and emphasize the texture and details of the scene.


One of the most common color patterns in night street portrait photography is the use of warm colors such as orange and yellow. These colors can give the photo a warm and inviting feel and can create a sense of intimacy between the subject and the viewer. Warm colors can also create a nostalgic and vintage look, which can be particularly effective in street portraits.


Another popular color pattern in night street portrait photography is the use of cool colors such as blue and pink. These colors can create a cold and moody atmosphere, which can be effective in creating a sense of isolation and melancholy in the portrait. Cool colors can also emphasize the shadows and highlights in the photo, creating a dramatic and dynamic look.


In addition to warm and cool colors, night street portrait photography can also use a monochromatic color scheme. Black and white photos can create a timeless and classic look, emphasizing the subject's features and expressions without the distraction of color. Monochromatic color schemes can also create a high-contrast look, which can be effective in emphasizing the subject's mood and emotions.

Overall, the color patterns in night street portrait photography are highly dependent on the photographer's creative vision and the environment in which the photo is taken. Warm colors, cool colors, and monochromatic color schemes are all effective techniques that can create unique and compelling portraits that capture the mood and atmosphere of the night street.