Green color grade

Green is the color of enchantment, and when combined with the energy of the city at night, it creates a mesmerizing backdrop for street fashion photography. Against the moody tones of the urban landscape, the fashion takes on a life of its own, with bold and striking designs that stand out against the darkness. Join us on a journey through the night streets, where the green color grade sets the stage for a captivating and unforgettable fashion experience.


why green color grading

Green cinematic color grading has become increasingly popular in the world of filmmaking and photography, offering a unique and mesmerizing visual experience. This color grading technique involves enhancing the greens in an image to create a moody, atmospheric effect that is both captivating and immersive. With its ability to evoke emotions of calmness, mystery, and even danger, green cinematic color grading has become a staple in the film and photography industries. It provides a striking contrast against the other colors in the frame, and the vivid, deep greens it produces can add depth and texture to any scene. Whether used to set the tone for an entire movie or to add a touch of intrigue to a photograph, green cinematic color grading has become a highly sought-after technique for creating truly stunning visual art.

Meet kety,

A Young fashion model from Dubai . With her striking features and towering height, Jane has graced the pages of top fashion magazines and walked in numerous runway shows for some of the world's most renowned designers. Despite her success, Jane remains down-to-earth and is dedicated to using her platform to promote body positivity and inclusivity in the industry.