Explore the central Hatta Fort, built in 1896, and one of the most significant architectural monuments in the UAE. The detailed structure served as a residence and defence facility with a large internal courtyard and an 11m-high watchtower. The building, which was restored in 1995, is made of mountain stones and mud bricks, while the ceiling is constructed using palm fronds, trunks and mud.

The two round watchtowers overlooking the mountain village were built in the 1880s. They are located 2.5m above ground level with a small door and semi-circular staircase leading to the roof. Guards would use ropes to scale the towers and enter through the doors.

A short walk from the village is the palm tree farm known as the Al Sharia site. Take a tranquil walk under the trees and explore the falaj, which extends several kilometres under ground before appearing on the surface.

A short RIDE from the village is the dam known as the hatta dam In the past, due to rainwater scarcity, residents had to depend on groundwater wells and springs. But following the construction of dams, water is available all year round in the wadis, or valleys, cradled by the mountains. These are replenished by rainwater in winter, breathing new life into the gorge, where flora and fauna claim the land.